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App Development

App and Mini APP design, development and maintenance.

Corporate APP

* Provide a broad platform for corporate brand promotion and product promotion services.
* Update brand trends and product information in real time.
* Brand dynamics and product status can be delivered to users with more timeliness.
* Gathers the necessary factors for consulting, products, supply and demand, advertising in industries.
* Perfectly fulfils the urgent needs of companies to display products, interact with each other, and seek business opportunities.

E-commerce APP

*Products developed for commercial retail business and service companies.
* It can help businesses quickly form target user groups.
* Promote sales through information push which effectively improve sales.


* With the close integration between offline and online.
* Entity services seamlessly connect with online services.
* Expanding the regional and real-time nature to a greater extent.
* Maximising the industrial value and business competitiveness.

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